梅萨水区 is dedicated to satisfying our community’s water needs. 台面的水’s strategic planning process is designed to provide clarity, 方向, and focus for its water service and to ensure the agency is working toward a common goal.



梅萨水区, 独立的地方行政区, 管理财政和水利基础设施, 提倡水资源政策, 同时可靠地提供丰富的清洁, 安全饮水,造福市民生活品质.




  1. 提供充足、本地、可靠和安全的供水.
  2. 不断更新和改善我们的基础设施.
  3. 在财务上负责任和透明.
  4. 增加对梅萨水的好感.
  5. 吸引、发展和留住有技能的员工.
  6. 提供优质的客户服务.
  7. 积极参与地区和全州的水问题.


  • 公众及职员的健康及安全
  • 卓越
  • 富足哲学
  • 永续代理理念


战略目标#1 -供水 & 可靠性


客观的一个: 继续达到及超越水质标准.

  • 2024年2月前实施游离氯转化试点

目的B: 维持和保护高质量的供水.

  • Complete the Lead Service Line Inventory Plan for approval by October 2023
  • Initiate construction of the Reservoir Chemical Management Systems by November 2023

Objective - C: 继续确保供水可靠和充足.

  • Develop a pilot project for replacement of the 梅萨水可靠性设施 (MWRF) secondary system membranes by March 2024
  • Initiate the Local groundwater Supply Improvement Project (Local SiP) feasibility study by February 2024

客观的维: 确保紧急行动.

  • Initiate construction of emergency backup power at District Headquarters, 1号水库和坎普水库将于2023年11月完工
  • Design emergency backup power for the MWRF High-lift Pump House by June 2024
战略目标#2 -水基础设施


客观的一个: 管理水利基础设施资产,确保可靠性.

  • Complete electrical upgrades at the Fair/Newport vault by December 2023
  • 2024年6月前完成对米库盖的改进更换
  • Initiate construction of the Reservoir Rehabilitation Program by November 2023
  • 在2023年10月之前更换SCADA无线电通信设备
  • Develop a plan for the State Clean Fleet Mandate and include an EV charging station at the MWRF by January 2024
  • 2024年1月前设计新的区域设施安全加固
  • Implement MWRF upgrades to improve system operations and useful life by March 2024

目的B: 有效管理供水系统.

  • Implement 台面的水’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) mobile functions by October 2023

Objective - C: Plan future projects based on data-driven and life-cycle cost decisions.

  • Update to the Water System Master Plan including an Asset Management Plan by January 2024

客观的维Improve 台面的水’s information technology infrastructure assets to assure reliability and security.

  • Transition the Information Technology Data Center to a cloud-based data center services platform by December 2023
  • 到2023年12月过渡到微软Office 365
  • Implement enhanced cyber security tools and a monitoring system by June 2024
  • 在2024年6月之前更换所有工作站
  • 在2024年6月之前建立一个信息技术资产数据库
  • Conduct an assessment of the current IT 5-Year Master Plan by June 2024
战略目标#3 -财务责任


客观的一个: Maintain AAA financial goals and meet the appropriate designated fund level goals.

  • Review possible increased efficiencies and cost savings in the management of Trust Accounts by September 2023
  • Review possible increased efficiencies and cost savings in the management of the District’s Reserve Funds by December 2023
  • Update the Board’s AAA goal and Designated Funds policy by September 2023
  • 在2023年9月之前创建一份投资政策声明

目的B: Maintain competitive rates and efficiency in per capita expenditures.

Objective - C: 资助委员会及地区的优先事项.

  • 在2023年11月之前制定一个10-15年的财务战略计划
  • 在2024年6月之前准备一个10-15年的财务战略计划
  • Conduct Federal Earmarks advocacy in 2023 for 台面的水’s priority projects—the “Cohort Pipe” and “MWRF Backup Power”
  • Implement and lead the RFQ process to retain a Grants Services/Support consultant by August 2023

客观的维: 包括财务责任和透明度.

  • 进行需求评估, 包括行动计划, for the acquisition of an Electronic Records Management Software by October 2023
  • 在2024年5月之前标准化合同并创建采购矩阵
战略目标#4 -水资源意识


目标一: 提高梅萨水的知名度和积极的认可.

  • Develop a “Detail the District” list, options and plan by March 2024

目标2: 提高主要受众对梅萨水和水的认识.

  • Create a comprehensive outreach plan for the 台面的水 Education Center, and launch a school field trip program and community tours by October 2023
  • Host 50 field trips and tours at the 台面的水 Education Center by June 2024

Objective - C: 统一梅萨水消息和出版物.

  • Prepare content for a bi-monthly constituent communication, and email six issues by June 2024


目标一: 吸引并留住合格、有技能、有能力的劳动力.

  • 在2023年7月之前更新本地区的雇员规章制度
  • Complete a general salary increase survey of our benchmark agencies by October 2023
  • 在2024年6月前进行年度员工敬业度调查
  • 在2024年6月前探索地区长寿计划的选项

目标2: 培养员工技能.

  • 在2023年10月之前为主要员工提供演讲培训
  • 2024年6月前进行两次精英入职培训

Objective - C: 加强员工关系.

  • 2024年6月前与员工进行人力资源圆桌会议

客观的D: 为员工提供安全的工作环境.

  • Conduct a Request for Proposal for Labor Legal Services by October 2023
  • 在2024年6月之前制定地区健康计划的选项
战略目标#6 -客户服务


客观的一个: Provide outstanding internal and external customer service in a timely, 有礼貌, 有效的方式.

目的B: 提升客户体验.

  • Competitively select a new customer information system by May 2024
  • 到2025年3月,实施新的客户信息系统

Objective - C: 衡量成功.

  • Competitively select a consultant to examine the metrics and measurement values of the Elite 客户服务 Standards by October 2023
  • Evaluate the metrics and measurement values of the Elite 客户服务 Standards by March 2024

客观的维: 持续改进和加强.

战略目标#7 -政策推荐十大正规竞彩平台


客观的一个: 完成董事会的政策重点.

  • Advocate during the 2023 state legislative session to support an appropriate water bond on the November 2024 ballot
  • Support the 2023 ACWA-sponsored state senate bill (SB 23) to streamline permitting for water infrastructure projects

目的BPositively influence water policy and other priority policy issues.

  • Influence 2023 rulemaking for CA water use efficiency regulations to be economically viable, 环境合适, 的和可行的
  • Advocate during the 2023 state legislative session to amend or oppose nonfunctional turf bills (AB 1572, AB 1573)

Objective - C: 优化影响梅萨水的政府效率.

  • 申请颁发的奖项(ACWA ACE), APWA, ICMA) -到2023年12月,梅萨水的效率(BiPi)

客观的维促进梅萨水与水的有影响力的参与, 政府, 公用事业和非政府组织.

  • Support OCWD President Green’s election as ACWA President and CCWD President Avila’s election as ACWA Vice President in 2023
  • Support Vice President DePasquale’s re-election to the ACWA Region 10 Board in 2023